Diana-2 FES News

Possibility of ordering a Diana-2 version with FES exists now. The delivery time of the first Diana-2 FES model without a EASA certificate is estimated to be around March - May 2018.

In June 2018 or earlier we should have EASA certificate for Diana-2 FES.



Type Certificate





List of  Winners

1st place, Sebastian Kawa, 32 World Gliding championship 2012, Uvalde, USA

1st place - Stefano Ghiorzo, 31 World Gliding Championship 2010, Szeged, Hungary

1st place -Sebastian Kawa 3rd FAI World Grand Prix, 2010 Santiago,Chile

3rd place - Sebastian Kawa   Chilean National  2009 Santiago, Chile 

2nd place-Lukasz Wojcik   15th European Gliding Championship, 2009 Nitra, Slovakia

1st place - Sebastian Kawa Pribina Cup, 2009 Nitra, Slovakia

2nd place - Lukasz Wojcik  Pribina Cup, 2009 Nitra, Slovakia

1st place - Thomas Gostner   2009 15m Italian Nationals

2nd place - Stefano Ghiorzo  2009 15m Italian Nationals

1st place - Sebastian Kawa  World Air Games 2009 Turin, Italy

1st place -Thomas Gostner   Chilean National  2009 Santiago, Chile

2nd place- Janusz Centka    30th World Gliding Championship 2008 Lusse, Germany

1st place -  Sebastian Kawa   2nd FAI World Grand Prix  2007 Omarama, New Zealand

2nd place- Tomasz Krok        1st Polish 15m Class Championship 2007 Leszno, Poland

1stplace - Sebastian Kawa   1st Polish 15m Class Championship

1stplace - Janusz Centka   14th European Gliding Championship 2007 Issoudun, France

2ndplace- Karol Staryszak 14th European Gliding Championship 2007 Issoudun, France

1st place - Janusz Centka  29th World Gliding Championship 2006 Eskilstuna, Sweden

1st place -  Janusz Centka  31st Open Class Polish Nationals  2006 Leszno, Poland

1st place -  Sebastian Kawa  1st FAI World Grand Prix          2005 Saint-Aubain, France

2nd place - Janusz Centka  13th European Gliding Championship   2005 Rayskala, Finland

1st place -  Janusz Centka    30th Open Class Polish Nationals.     2005 Leszno, Poland