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Poland has a long history of soaring excellence. Many Polish gliders have won or placed high in world competitions, including the SZD-19 "Zefir", the SZD-24 "Foka", the SZD-36 "Cobra", the SZD-55, the SZD-56 "Diana". So the "Diana 2" , "Diana 3" and " Diana 4"  are simply the latest in a long series of outstanding Polish sailplanes. Diana Sailplanes has been committed to promoting soaring through providing customers with the best quality glider purchase packages. We sell new gliders, oversee their finishing at the factory, perform pre-shipment inspections, and arrange export crating and packaging. We coordinate all overseas shipping, supervise assembly and advise on the proper operation of the gliders. We perform after-sale warranty servicing, maintain factory bulletin update reporting, stock and ship original replacement parts, manuals, and accessories.